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Always good quality. Always innovative.

As Erdoğdu Group, we support sustainable economic growth based on human and environmental awareness, and we establish our cooperation with a quality and innovative approach in line with the standards of the future.

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Why Erdoğdu?

Always good quality. Always innovative.

- As Erdoğdu Group, we support sustainable economic growth based on social and environmental awareness, and conduct our operations with an innovative, quality-focused approach in line with the standards of the future.


Meet the frontiers of fashion. Discover the materials that shape the ever-changing fashion world before Milan and Paris.


Experience developing and supplying all kinds of footwear materials easily and efficiently with our expert team and perspective.


Meet new footwear materials and technologies that comply with global quality standards from established brands.

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Feel the unparalleled variety in our selection of technical materials suited for all of your needs.

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Explore a variety of services offered with our more than 50 years of expertise.



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Erdoğdu Ayakkabı Malzemeleri

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Since 1968, Erdoğdu Footwear Materials has been conducting the sales, production, and distribution of more than 4,000 technical components, chemicals and equipment used by the footwear and leather industries continuously for more than 50 years.

In Turkey, Erdoğdu is the exclusive distributor of 30 world-leading brands from Italy, Spain, Germany and Hong Kong, in addition to conducting sales, distribution and after-sales services in the Marmara, Aegean and Southeastern Anatolian regions.

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Half a Century of Experience

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Mold and Moisture? No problem.

With Micro-Pak, you can
eliminate them all.

Mold and moisture pose a threat to your products during the manufacturing and shipping processes of your supply chain. That's why we offer you complete protection from the factory to the sales floor and beyond.


Produced by Erdoğdu:


Discover the right one for you among the GoLite Mousepads, with their four different size options and various patterns, and non-slip design.

Orthopedic Insoles

With "memory insoles" that relieve the pressure on your feet and absorb heel pain, walking will be healthier and more comfortable.


Our driving moccasins, paired frequently with summer suits, can be worn with short legged fabric or canvas trousers and jeans at ankle level, and provide supreme comfort when walking or driving. 


We are ready to answer all your questions.

Since the application purposes of our products are very diverse, we serve a wide array of sectors and customers ranging from footwear and leather to printing and textiles.

We conduct the Turkish distributorship of 30 global brands: Henkel, Davos, Tecnogi, Micro-Pak, Sipol, Iexi, Freudenberg, Vildona, Meltonian, Stilla, Valle Elina, Beltex, PraneM, Jaeger, Uniters, LDM, For Shoes, Luigi Carnevali, Gestioni Industriali, Costachem, Adetex, Lamonti Cuoio, Selasti, Nova Euro Fibra and Giardini.

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Yes. Erbil Orthopedic Insoles, an Erdoğdu Group brand, produces, markets, and sells an array of polyurethane products such as insoles, mousepads, and and also shoes and shoe care materials through our GoLite marque, which has gained fame and achieved domestic success as the top seller of insoles and mousepads on Amazon Turkey and other Turkish e-commerce marketplaces, and is currently expanding globally.

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